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Podcast One: What’s better for the UK Economy? Leave or Remain?

Content: The jurors introduce themselves and then hear from two speakers: Rory Broomfield, director of ‘Better Off Out’, and Rebecca Driver, director of the economic consultancy Analytically Driven. After questioning each speaker, they discuss what they’ve heard among themselves.

Podcast Two: Immigration – if the UK leaves the EU, what would be the real impact on immigration levels

Content: Speakers are Marley Morris of the think tank the Institute of Public Policy Research, and David Goodhart, author of “The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-War Immigration”. One of the most hotly debated issues of the entire campaign, and the podcast which throws up some of the most heated discussion.

Podcast Three: Sovereignty and national identity

Content: Speakers Justin Protts of the think tank Civitas and Simon Hix, Harold Laski Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics, with some challenging thoughts about what kind of country the UK would be if it left the EU. And a big question for the jurors: Could the UK be the kind of country you would like it to be if it stayed in the EU?

Podcast Four: The Impact of EU Laws and Regulations on the UK

Content: The jurors hear from Ellen Baker of the environmental law group Client Earth, Rory Broomfield, of ‘Better Off Out’, and Fergus McReynolds, EU Policy Director of the Engineering Employers Federation. Do EU regulations help protect the environment, or does too much unnecessary red tape get in the way of economic growth? The jurors question each speaker and then discuss what they’ve heard.